Meet Remy.

Your Medical Marijuana Personal Assistant


Remy Fits Seamlessly into your Daily Routine

Record Your Experience

Record Your Experience

Each day, Remy will ask you a few quick questions about your cannabis usage and how you’re feeling.

Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

Get insight into which cannabis products will work best for you and where you can find them.

See Your Results

See Your Results

With Remy’s dashboard, see how your treatment has been working for you over time.

Enhanced Options

Opt-in for hyper-individualized guidance

After you answer a few simple questions within the Remy app, we’ll determine how medical marijuana will interact with the other drugs you’re taking, and whether you are recommended for a drug/gene test that would provide insight into how your regimen is interacting with your genetic makeup.

Medication Guidance

Take a risk assessment through the app and receive recommendations based on your current medication regimen.

Genetic Guidance

Complete genetic testing for recommendations based on your genetic makeup.

YouScript Logo - Precision Prescribing SoftwareWe’ve partnered with YouScript, a leader in precision medication management, to provide patients with highly personalized medical marijuana recommendations.