About Remedy Metrics

We are committed to improving patient outcomes through personalized technology.


Why Remedy Metrics is Here

Patients in a majority of states with a serious medical condition now have access to medical marijuana. As treatment options expand and evolve for the millions of eligible patients in our country, there are still many unanswered questions. Little data exists around what specific formulations work best for which conditions, how medical marijuana interacts with their current medication regimen, and how it impacts different people based on their genetic makeup.

The Remedy Metrics team is made up of a unique blend of technologists, scientists, and patient advocates. We knew at the intersection of these three focus areas there was the potential for a tool designed to answer these questions. A tool that drives science, improves patient care, and optimizes each individual’s experience with medical marijuana. The tool is Remy.

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Through data and technology —  we can change health care, together.

We believe that open sharing of information will lead to better experiences and outcomes for all patients. We believe that data can drive scientific discovery and medical advancements. And with the Remy app, we can collect and share data in a secure and thoughtful way.

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Patients share information about their condition, medical regimen, and genetic makeup. They receive medical recommendations and track their progress through the Remy app.

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Our partners leverage de-identified information to advance science and improve patient outcomes. The knowledge base and amount of data surrounding medical marijuana grows.


Experts in Technology and Pharmaceuticals

Dave Colaizzi


David Colaizzi, CEO of Remedy Metrics, has a proven track record of successfully establishing and growing businesses across various industries. For the past 20+ years, Dave has served as Co-Founder/CEO/CTO of fivestar*, a Pittsburgh-based software development company, where he has led the design and implementation of countless innovative and disruptive technologies. His information technology/software development background, entrepreneur experience, and success of past businesses drives the development and growth of Remedy Metrics and the Remy app.

Dr. Charles Fetrow, Pharm.D.


Charles W. Fetrow, Pharm.D., offers decades of experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. The vast majority of his career has focused on botanically-derived health supplements and the roles they play in medical therapies. His understanding of botanical medicine drives his passion for helping patients in this evolving space. In addition to his pharmaceutical practice, Charles is a published author on the topic, as well as a former academic teacher and clinical instructor. His experience working within several hospitals, rich research on the subject matter, and publications on botanicals all guide the support and education of our patients and practitioners.