ContagionClear for You

Open up your life with confidence.

The ContagionClear platform provides an assessment of your health and behavioral risk, helping to keep yourself and those around you COVID-free.

COVID-19 is not going away. You need insights into whether it is safe for you to go school, the mall, a restaurant, sporting events and not be a risk to others. You need to feel safe and reopen your life – ContagionClear can help. Our simple, daily assessment helps you evaluate your risk and provides actionable insights into your safety.

Why ContagionClear?

With an algorithm built by experts in infectious disease and risk analysis, you can get the confidence you need to return to normal. Join the growing community of ContagionClear users to make daily interactions and the businesses you visit safer.

ContagionClear Home screen and Clear Results screen

ContagionClear keeps you moving


Easily Assess Risk


Automated Recommendations


Constantly Learning


Backed by Science

Here’s how ContagionClear works:

Check-in daily with Contagion Clear and get an updated score. All you need to do is answer a few questions – then our algorithm does all the work!

  • Create an account and complete the onboarding process

  • Answer personalized health and risk questions

  • The ContagionClear platform evaluates your answers and generates the ContagionClear score and recommendations

  • Use your ContagionClear score like a boarding pass as you go through your day.

  • Keep the businesses you visit and the individuals you interact with safe by letting them know you are ContagionClear

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