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REMY is a one-of-a-kind platform built to help change medical outcomes through personalized technology. REMY delivers streamlined questions to gather data and identify trends to drive science forward.

REMY Dashboard

How REMY Works:

  • Personalized Tracking

    REMY is highly personalized with questions and experience that changes based on your previous responses.

  • Treatment Insights

    REMY provides intelligent recommendations based on user data and previous choices. 

  • Visualize Impacts

    REMY synthesizes data to identify trends over time and can evaluate a wide range of inputs including factors related to: your symptoms, your risk factors, and your quality of life.

Our Solutions

We’re currently using the REMY question engine to transform the way patients use medicinal cannabis and helping the world get back to normal in the wake of COVID-19.

medical marijuana processor

REMY for Cannabis

U.S. citizens with approved medical conditions now have access to medical marijuana. But what’s the best way for patients to get started with this new treatment option? The REMY app answers that question.


Millions of people will be returning to the workplace in the coming months. The biggest concern for the foreseeable future is safety from COVID-19. Built by experts in infectious disease and risk management, ContagionClear is here to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and give you confidence.


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